One Little Bird

One Little Bird

Written by Sheryl Webster and published by Oxford University Press.

When a man cuts down little bird Rosa's tree, she makes herself a new nest at the top of his house and refuses to budge. News of her protest sweeps through the animal kingdom and it inspires other animals to start moving into people's homes in protest too! A funny and heartwarming introduction to an important environmental issue and the power we all have when we work together.

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Tamworth Pig ccover.jpg

Tamworth Pig Stories

Cover re-design of a classic as part of Faber & Faber's Classics collection.

The book features two classic tales about Tamworth, a very clever and kind-hearted pig, who fights for his rights and to save the trees! 


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*Interior illustrations by Carolyn Dinan



A Cat's Christmas Carol

A Cat's Christmas Carol published by Simon & Schuster and written by Sam Hay.

About the book

It’s Christmas Eve and all the staff in the department store are on their way home for Christmas. All except one . . . Clawdia, the department store’s security cat! She doesn’t see the point in silly festive celebrations and would much rather prowl the corridors making sure everything is in order. But when three cold and lonely visitors turn up at the store, they teach Clawdia a few key lessons about the true meaning of Christmas. 

Top Tip for Readers 

The mice are very sneaky and like to hide on each page...see if you can find them!